28 octobre 2019

News #17 SpotView : NewLetter #5

Technology demonstration for resource effliciency in Steel, Paper and Dairy industries

This SpotView  NewsLetter #5 presents some results of demonstration trials carried out in operational environments of Paper, Dairy and Steel sectors. The pilot trials results determined key indicators about process performance, operational costs and resource efficiency. The results will be used to assess different business cases, exploitation plans and environmental impact

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05 juin 2019

News #16 Spotview : Public Deliverable D14

Technology combinations and simulation of selected scenario in the dairy industry.

This Deliverable reports the results achieved, aiming at minimizing freshwater use, reducing energy consumption for water and wastewater treatment and maximizing the recovery of valuable compounds.


02 avril 2019

News #15 Spotview : Public Deliverable D13

Selected scenario simulation for process and cooling water reuse in the P&P industry.

This Deliverable reports the results of process water reuse strategies and process integration and optimization for heat loss recovery for Essity’s tissue mill in Nokia Finland.


01 mars 2019

News #14 Spotview : Public Deliverable D08

Close loop recycling strategies and alternative water sources for the P&P industry

This Deliverable reports opportunities for developing closed-loop recycling practices in paper production processes and the required technologies that should be employed to achieve sustainable water recycling. Furthermore, alternative water sources, including treated wastewater effluents were assessed together with the requisite technologies for advanced effluent treatment.


04 janvier 2019

News #13 SpotView : NewLetter #4

Starting result dissemination and technology demonstration in industry

This SpotView  NewsLetter #4 presents some technologies and innovative solutions developed for improving ressource efficiency of industrial processes (Paper and Steel sectors). The technologies are applied for recycling process water or purifying alternative water sources.

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14 novembre 2018

News #12 SpotView : Qpinch scales up revolutionary heat recovery technology

Borealis announces collaboration with start-up Qpinch to scale up revolutionary heat recovery technology

More information available on

15 octobre 2018

News #11 SpotView : Avilès Worskshop

A big success for the workshop

SpotView is one of the best performing project promoted by SPIRE “, announced Mihai Bardanescu, SPIRE program manager, opening the 1st Workshop of the project. The Workshop, held in Avilés Niemeyer Center on October 4th, brought together more than 50 persons from industry and research organizations, to discover the first outcome presented by the SpotView partners after one year of R&D effort. The presentations can be downloaded in the documentation section... Let’s meet in 2020, at the end of the project, to see how the new technology applications will help the industrial sectors (Steel, Paper, Dairy), to reach the objectives of water and carbon footprint reduction...


28 août 2018

News #10 SpotView : NewLetter #3

Introducing Key Exploitable Results and Exploitation Strategies

This third SpotView  NewsLetter presents the list of water management strategies and technologies assessed after mid-term of the SpotView project (October 2016 to March 2020) and details some of the Key Exploitable Results (KER) and Exploitation Strategy.

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09 juillet 2018

News #9 1st Worshop for SpotView in October

The Workshop Programme with venue information and registration form are now available !!

Please click to registrer!

Participants can also submit posters proposals before August 31.


19 avril 2018

News #8 Save the date: 4th October 2018

Joint the 1st SpotView’s Workshop on Sustainable Process and Optimized Technologies for Efficient Water Usage in the Steel, Dairy & Paper Industry. 4th October, 2018 - Avilès, Spain

This WorkShop is organized by SpotView Partners.

Program and accommodation information will be communicated later

Register Now:


17 janvier 2018

News #7 SpotView : NewLetter #2

Methodologies and tools for water and energy efficiency in the Process Industry

This second SpotView  NewsLetter details some of the methodologies and tools to be used during the project for the simulation and assessment of new technologies integrated in industrial processes.

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15 décembre 2017

News #6 SpotView Technology Offer: Valmet Ultrafiltration for Tissue Mill

Valmet Technologies Inc. has developed a new CR ultrafilter for tissue mills. It is based on the well proven BAT OptiCycle W technology used for years to produce high quality ultrapure water for the paper machine’s wire and press section showers to decrease the fresh water consumption by 1-2 m3/t paper.


06 décembre 2017

News #5 Save the date : 8th February 2018

The 8th February 2018, in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) join us to the Cross Cutting Issue Workshop
Water Efficiency in Process Industry – current needs and innovative approaches

This Workshop is jointly organised by three SPIRE projects : InspireWater, ReWaCEM and SpotView

The flyer is available on the INSPIREWATER website ( ), where you can also find the registration formParticipation is free of charge, but all, also project partners, need to register via the registration form.


26 octobre 2017

News #4 SpotView : NewLetter #1

The first SpotView  NewLetter details six of the existing and new technologies currently assessed at laboratory or pilot scale during the first phase of the project, before on-site demonstration by the four dairy, paper and steel industrial partners.

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31 mai 2017

News #3 SpotView : M6 WPC Meetings

The SpotView Project is under way, with the Month 6 Work Packages Committee meetings taking place on April 5th and 6th at Centre Technique du Papier, Grenoble, France. The Coordinator (CTP) introduced the project Management Deliverables: Quality Management Plan, IPR Management Procedure and Project dissemination Toolkit (including SpotView public website, Extranet, official logos and templates for reporting and dissemination). Collaboration between partners is in progress in the WP2: Technologies components testing in realistic environment, organized in specific subtasks. Environmental and techno-economic evaluation, impact and exploitation of the project results will be managed in WP5 and WP6, in relation with H2020 and SPIRE (Impact workshop on the cPPPs in Horizon 2020 - Brussels, 17 May).

31 octobre 2016

News #2 SpotView : Kick Off Meeting

The European SpotView Project – “Sustainable Processes and Optimized Technologies for Industrially Efficient Water Usage” – has just got underway, with the kick-off meeting taking place on 13th October at the EC R&D Commission in Brussels. The objective of the SpotView project is to develop and demonstrate innovative, sustainable and efficient processes and technology components in order to optimize the use of natural resources, especially water, in three industrial sectors (Dairy, Pulp and Paper, and Steel).

The SpotView consortium covers the whole value chain, from technology development to industrial applications. Economic exploitation of the technologies is pursued through a well described business case scenario. Dissemination and training activities are planned to maximize the impact of the project. Market opportunities for services and technology products beyond the SpotView project are expected to generate up to 2800 new equipment and 7000 new jobs in Europe!



15 septembre 2016

News #1 SpotView: a new industrial partnership to improve water efficiency!

15 partners for one common objective

The SpotView project “Sustainable Processes and Optimized Technologies for Industrially Efficient Water Usage” was selected among 15 proposals in the H2020 SPIRE-01-2016 call for projects: “Systematic approaches for resource-efficient water management systems in process industries”. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723577.

The objective of the European SpotView project –is to develop and demonstrate innovative, sustainable and efficient processes and technology components in order to optimize the use of natural resources, especially water, in three industrial sectors (Dairy, Pulp and Paper, and Steel).
CTP is coordinating a multi-industrial consortium of 15 partners including 5 Research and Technology Organizations, 4 small or medium enterprises  and 6 industrial groups from 9 European countries.

SpotView Coordination / Eric Fourest
RP & Communication / Sandrine Pappini











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